About KISS Theatre Company

Kids Innovating Stage and Sound (KISS) Theatre Company is a nonprofit performing arts organization whose mission is to educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of young people through the arts of theatre, dance and song.

KISS offers various programs that immerses the students in the acting process. Workshops are offered all year long and include improvisation, technical theatre, movement, makeup and wardrobe management, monologue, comedy, musicianship, ensemble building and the audition process.

KISS Theatre offers a safe environment for youth of all ages to learn and practice a creative art, build social skills, and participate in character-building programming.


  • More than 400 children currently participate in our Educational Workshops.
  • Our Board consists of 15 volunteer members.
  • We employee an Artistic Director and a Technical Director.
  • KISS has produced over 100 different workshops over the last 11 years.

James Daly- Artistic Director


                                                         Shaun Pierre- Technical Director


Executive Board Members:
Timothy Kulpa, Chair of the Board
Lisa Barth, Vice-Chair
George Barron, Esq. , Secretary
Debbie Milford, Treasurer

Michele Davis
Eric Fitzgerald, Esq.
Jennifer Haddick
Sarah Harris
Marlene LaFrance
Sarah McCracken
Matthew Moss
Justine Noss
Tracey Stanley
Sherry Zwiebel