KISS Staff



Workshop Staff

Each workshop is hosted by a group of local volunteers and professionals who dedicate their free time to helping our KISS Kids grow. Each workshop has a Director, Music Director, Choreographer, Stage Manager, and Costumer Designer. Our younger age groups also apply Camp Counselors to help with the flow and safety of all the children.

If you think you are interested in working on our workshops, reach out to or fill out our interest forms as they are posted each season. Every person over 18 is required to submit volunteer Pa State Police records and Child Abuse Clearances.


KISS Employees


James Daly- Artistic Director


Shaun Pierre- Technical Director


Executive Board Members:
Timothy Kulpa, Chair of the Board
Lisa Barth, Vice-Chair
George Barron, Esq. , Secretary
Tracey Stanley, Treasurer

Eric Fitzgerald, Esq.
Jennifer Haddick
Sarah Harris
Sarah McCracken
Debbie Milford
Matthew Moss
Justine Noss
Vanessa Parry
Jessica Suda-Baab
Andrew Wilczak
Sherry Zwiebel